Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Original Lady Gaga

So, i went to a dress up party on Friday night at the Willowvale and before i left my friend's mom told me i looked like Grace Jones in James Bond. I had no idea who she was so i decided to look her up. I'm amazed that a woman like this exists and i didn't know about her. Oh by the way i was wearing a black body suit and a black ninja/taliban headscarf with biker boots

South Africa Stepping It Up

I am becoming completely revived by these designs by Cleo Droomer. It gives me hope that South African Fashion is as good as anywhere else in the worls and should not be compared because it is incomparable. I love that these designs are totally original, unyet fully wearable. The quality and minimalist detail shows absolute passion for the job. kudos to you Mr. Droomer

Vintage YSL

Drawing Inspiration from the masculine silhouttes of Yves Saint Laurent. I can't really do his designs and his vision any justice so that's all I'm going to say

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have been inspired.

Patterns, thats all i want. patterns with beautiful plain, timeless accessories

Miu Miu Is Where It's At

 Absolutely loving Miu Miu clogs and stacked heels at the moment. for defs.
I am quite officially besotted with Miu Miu. The femininity of all the pieces is beautiful yet also edgy, its like it's never been donr before. I love the way that she uses one continuous pattern through out, it is so enjoyable for the eye. well definitely mine.

Memories of a by-gone era

The 'new length'skirt has really won me over this spring. i am in love with it, i feel like a world war one nurse or housewife or something. I undoubtedly think that it is so much sexier than a mini skirt. its sophisticated ans shows confidence; that your comfortable enough with yourself to step out in something different. i salute it with curlers in my hair