Saturday, June 12, 2010

Singing In the Rain

On a rainy day. I want to play. On a Rainy day...
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

''You shouldn't think about clothes too much. You need to dress up the way you are."


It's A Gentleman's Life

Outfit By Jade Murcell with creative assistance from Abi Glover

Black pinstripe blazer, Hilton Weiner; Shoes, C&J; Trousers, Soviet; Zebra top

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3 looks by A. Glover

 Outfit by Abi Glover
Trosers, Woolworths; Checked Shirt, Soviet; Lace Bra, La Senza; Shoes, Manila Italy.

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I'de like To Think I'm A Mess You Wear With Pride

So I decided to recruit my good friend Jade Murcell to take photos with me, so that's what we did. It was fun.
1.Outfit by Abi Glover
Black and white dress with bow, Mr. Price; Black tights; Grey socks; Brown shoes; Checked shirt; Grey Trilby, Dingshangxiu.
Outfit By Abi Glover
Make-up by Abi Glover and Jade Murcell
2. Lace dress, Checked hooded button-up vest, Positive Stress; All Stars- Converse

Outfit by Abi Glover
Make-up by Abi Glover
3. Black dress, Truworths; Black suit blazer, James Brothers; Docksides, Sebago USA
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

November Girl

Some amazing Photos from November Girl by South African Photographer Sam Haskins, 1967.
I love the strong Black and white Contrast and the way that he captures that era in time so brilliantly.

'The camara lens is a glass eye with no more worth than any other stupid eye unless it transforms what it sees. And I do not mean angles or composition, but the phenomenon which enables the photographer, by the intermediary of a machine, to consumate the strange wedlock between the conscious and the onconscious, of which the delicious monstrosities of poetry are the issue' quote unquote.

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Desmond and the Tutus, amazing. I've been taking photos with this Pentax of my mom's so i have to wait until the film is finished which is quite exciting. i have no idea what the photos will look like or what i took a photo of or whether they're in focus. IT'S LIKE A SURPRISE PARTY! i love it, im actually so excited, i took photos of pretty people at Floogate last night, which was quite enjoyable, im getting my very own sewing machine, which i think is quite laka. i dont understand why im not at Botanical Gardens taking photos right now. Condemnation! i would like to go on a nice road trip, how much is it to develop photos these days? it's like a hundred rand. well, i think that's just ridiculous ladies and gentlemens. absolutely ridic! i want to play in the garden now, ok goodbye. oh this is funny, i saw a baby pink FUR jersey thing yesterday, i almost vomited on the shop!