Sunday, May 30, 2010

My dearest dad, Lynton in his mature stages. He would always roll up his sleeves and wear matching trousers and socks.
Again my dad wers his classic short-sleeved shirt with rolled up sleeves and high pants with a belt and loafers.
I love this. He looks like a sailor or something cool. I love this striped shirt with the white pants
The comb over hair style is so 70s and its amazing. My dad wears a navy jersey and a checked shirt. He is such a fan of checked shirts and only very recently has stopped wearing them. which is pretty ironic as they've just come back into fashion.
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Ok so, my dadis probably the coolest guy i know. He gave me his love for art nature and form and i love him for that. He's a serious proper gentleman but he's so much fun. He always wore smart thigs and he's probably the only man i know who is totally ok with wearing tiny shorts.
I love this photo of my dad, he looks like a hippie. i love the sandals he's wearing and his hair long. and no doubt he's wearing tiny shorts
My dad as he got older started to wear things a lot smarter, like here he looks legit in these brown pants and cream jersey and a cigarette in his hand
I love this photo for the soul reason that my dad is wearing his famous chelsea boots. i think my dad had more shoes than my mom.
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The times they are a-changing

I was looking through old albumns and found some pictures of my beautiful parents who lovingly adopted me, that i absolutely love. i love the way these old camaras take photos and the clothes and just everything about them, these are some of my mom who never really has been a smart person; she;s very casual and she's an amazing women. most of these photos were taken in the late 60s to late 70s
My mom in about 1966
I think this was a family gathering type thing and i love the formal classiness of what the women are wearing, with their hats and all

This photo had no caption and i'm sure what my mom's doing or who that man is.but her skirt is very rad
My mom and dad going somewhere. i love everything my dad wore, he was so debonaire and smart all the time.
My mom in the 80s, i love the striped shirt she's wearing and how she's rolled up the sleeves a bit. I like too the high-waisted denim shorts and her short hair

The cut of this costume is very fitted and structed which i like and it's a black and white check pattern which is simple and elegant
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Change is Good

Ok so i'm pretty sure that your tired of seeing pictures of me every post so i'm going to go out onto the streets and shoot some cool fashion that i see and things i like. Oh, and if you have any suggestions on what you think would be really cool for my blog, let me know please:) or comment or something. and i want to be followed, so follow me please. Thank you dear friends, until next time.

Phone Conversations with Tash

♥this is love

Cream and Blue. I'm wearing this cream blazer as a dress from Richards, Cream Belt from Mr. Price, Blue and Black checked sunglasses, Bag and strap from Everlasting, And Blue ankle boots.

The Scientist, i'm wearing a lab coat from my physics class, over jeggings with grey socks from woolworths and brown platform shoes. then a black belt tied, a brown zebra shiny scarf and Glasses with an over-the-shoulder bag.

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Ok so i went to this second hand shop and got this amazing stuff, the checked flannel shirt was R20 and the jacket (i think its pigskin leather) it was R50 and it's really heavy but i love the patching and the brown colours. i'm talking to tash on the phone. the sunglasses, Mr. Price; the tights are from cameo and the boots are from The Hub.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

This is for you, Blake

Blake thank you for your brotherly support haha so this post is for you cause your making my blog a bookmark:) maybe one day ile even put a photo of you on this sweet child of mine. I love you. I also love leather. ag all this animal skin gets me so excited. and that rabbit skin beret

Maths. That;s all i can say

I dont feel like talking. im too depressed about maths.

but all this stuff is mostly my mom's. except the shoes. and the rabbit fur hat. Look at my little doggy sniffing me:) ag shame i actually dig my dogs:/
Oh goodness. i love that relaxed look of um the photo on the left at the top and the photo on the right at the bottom, it's like this easy luxe type of look, it's fun and really like chilled.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tash's favourite jersey

I feel Like I'm in Alice In Wonderland
This outfit i ♥. it's a grey shirt of my dads, a floral print sheer dress over that and then a bigger print floral dress on the top, my dad's big hobo cardigan then tights, socks and boots. and my red faux fur and crocodile bag. playing in the garden.

grey shirt, Mr. Price; sheer floral print dress, Mr. Price; bigger floral print dress, Charcoal and chocolate; Cardigan, Marks and Spencer; Red Bag, Oh la-la; Tights, Cameo; Socks, Woolworths; Ruffle Ankle Boots, Mr. Price.

Lazy Winter days

Band Of Horses and beautiful winter sun got me thinking about life and how cool it is so i took these photos.
I'm wearing these electric blue ankle boots which go with hardly anything so i put them with this neutral grey outfit. ah such fun it is to be liberated through fashion. Very Nice!

This is a result of my History exam frustrations. Of all the sections that could have been the topic for the essay, why oh why did they have to be the one i hadn;t learnt. this is sad, but i think these pictures are pretty fun. FAUX FUR is ZEF, NE? SO yeah and this bag i'm wearing i painted. also the shoes i painted. Red's my favouritist:) and it was such a brilliant time of day with the sun in the background. KIEF!

Bloggidy blog blog blog

This blogging thing is fun.
I'm WRITING EXAMS, 3 down, 3 more to go. the worst 3, bloody hell i would give one of my fingers if i could not write these last three exams (Afrikaans, maths, physics) i suck at all of those subjects and i can't study. oh yes, about 3 days ago my mom gave me here vintage Pentax camara to experiment. i'll post any photos i take with it as soon as i do. but it takes me a while to do thing im a procrastinator(?)

Life de-saturated

These boots i ♥. i love mixing prints and colours. keeping it busy but not totally overwhelming.

I got my hands upon my mom's old ice-skating boots, took the blades off and the result being some pretty zef boots. the shorts i'm wearing are my mom's too but they used to be pants so i altered them. the red tartan military jacket is from Mr. Price; Waist coat, charcoal and chocolate; blue and white striped shirt, my mom:); brown stockings, cameo; boots, some austrian ice-skate making place; bag, Mr. Price.
the picture on the bottom right cracks me up

Breton Stripes. a cool combination of navy and grey. im not one to match but when an outfit comes together like this it totally just feels right. I took these photos after my english exam- it made me feel overwhelmingly creatively frustrated- so i had to vent it through this. it was kind of my first time taking photos of my clothes but i had fun and now i want it to inspire people like how i get inspired by what other people wear. i love seeing what you see on the catwalks become street fashion so i wanted to embody that type of thing here

why would i ever call my first post 'freedom and sexuality'

So i'm not the type of person who knows how to work a computer but i decided i wanted a blog. 'why?' you may ask. the simple fact for me wanting a blog (this is a funny word) is beacuse i wanted to uhm. i actually don't know but this is fun and i like it. you can write about anything you want! coooooool! but what i really want to do is post looks and styles that i really like and maybe i'll become famous one day:) let's just hope. ok well, thats it for now